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Coir/Kokos is the fiber extracted from coconut husk. This is a strong naturally brown coloured fiber. Traditionally extracted by soaking the coconut husk in lagoons and spun into yarns. These natural bio-degradable yarns are then woven into a unique range of floor coverings.

Bio degradable, hard-wearing, durable for interior and exterior use. Available in printed designs on natural or bleach base.

Coir tufted into PVC, these are flexible and skid resistant. Easy to clean and durable.. Available in different designs, sizes and shapes.

Options available with coir brush or flat woven, molded with rubber, in a wide range of designs.

Coir broad loom available in 4Mx30M rolls with or without latex backing. Coir runners in striped patterns used in corridors and staircases.

Our products are predominantly made of natural fibres and hence biodegradable.For products having synthetic content, we advise,
at the end of product life, dispose off the same in accordance with the applicable regional/National regulations.