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Sisal fiber is obtained from the leaf of Agave plant which grows in Brazil and East Africa. Sisal is the strongest of all natural fibers and comes in brilliant dyed colours. NCJ sources the finest quality fibers which are dyed, spun and woven into premium products in NCJ factories.

Sisal is a natural, renewable and bio-degradable fiber with anti-static properties. Available in custom sizes with border finishes of single, double, tapestry, embroidery, chenille and faux leather. Further options include serge ends and border less finish.

Woven on machine looms in boucle, herringbone and panama styles, available in 4M wide and upto 30M length. Ideal for wall-to-wall application. Runners are for use in corridors and staircases.

Our products are predominantly made of natural fibres and hence biodegradable.For products having synthetic content, we advise,
at the end of product life, dispose off the same in accordance with the applicable regional/National regulations.